Fanshawe college of Applied Arts and Technology and Badve Engineering Ltd. have mutually agreed to enter into a partnership for the establishment of Automotive Centers of Excellence.

Under this arrangement Badve Engineering will set up training centres across various automotive manufacturing hubs across India.  These 14 centres will offer training programs in Welding, Robotic welding, Maintenance ( Mechanical ) and Maintenance ( Electrical ).  Initially, the centres will offer Welding related courses in accordance to Automotive Skills Development Council approved Qualification Packs.

Under the arrangement, Fanshawe College will be responsible for Master train-the-trainer programs and maintaining global quality standards.  Badve Engineering will hire trainers, manage the centres as per the international standards and be responsible for mobilizing trainees and delivering the training.  These centres are expected to train over 15,000 students over the course of five years.